Happy New Year!

As we see an increase in COVID 19 cases in our area it is important to remember that we continue to take precautions within the school to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

Students and staff wear masks and practice social distancing each and every day.  Our teachers, drivers and cleaning staff are going above and beyond to wipe down surfaces and clean classrooms each day. Handwashing and hand sanitizing are a built in part of the daily routine as well. 

We are happy to report that there has been no transmission among students or staff within the school building. Those within our school community that have contracted COVID-19 were in direct contact with a positive case from an outside source. 

We would like to remind students and parents that the rigor and expectation for those that have chosen remote learning is far greater than it was last spring when the pandemic started.  

For fully remote students to be successful this year- attendance, effort, and the submission of quality assignments- are all essential.  Any students who do not meet expectations or benchmarks will have to repeat the class or grade level next year.  Please note that all decisions for repeating are handled by the administration.   

We recognize that this has been a challenging year for everyone in many ways.  Academically and socially, students that continue to come to school for in person learning are demonstrating far more success than students that are fully remote.  Thank you for your continued trust in us.  We wish you all a very happy new year!