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FAQ's and Important Information 2023-2024

UPK - Grade 12 Orientation

The answers given to the questions below are designed to support our Red Devil families and provide guidance for a successful educational experience at Hammond Central School. For a complete document outlining district procedures please refer to the Hammond Central School Student Handbook located on our district website, https://www.hammondk12.org/
Mr. Douglas McQueer, Superintendent
Mrs. Lauren Morley, UPK-12 Principal
Who do I contact regarding my students' academic progress?
It is always appropriate to contact your student’s teacher first.  For Grades 7-12, families will have access to student progress and attendance through the use of Schooltool, the District’s student data management system.  In addition, your student’s Guidance Counselor and Principal are available as needed or requested.
How do I make an appointment with my students’ teacher?
You may contact your student's teacher by leaving a message at the school or by email. Every teacher’s email address can be found on the Hammond Central School District website https://www.hammondk12.org/ please email or call to connect with teachers directly.
Who is my students’ Guidance Counselor?
Ms. Renee Breault is our UPK-12 Guidance Counselor, you may contact her at (315) 324-5931 x 26131 or via email at [email protected]
Who do I contact if I have questions/concerns regarding my child’s schedule?
All matters regarding student schedules are initiated through the Guidance Office.  Please contact the school office at (315) 324-5931, ext. 26131 to speak to Ms. Breault.
How long is each class?  How much time do students have between classes?
For students in grades 7-12 classes are 40 minutes, with the exception of lunch which is 30 minutes.  Students have 3 minutes between each class; the start and end of class is initiated by a bell.
What time does my student need to arrive at school?  What if my student rides the bus?
The doors will be open at 7:45 am.  At this time students must report to the Cafeteria.  Students will transition to their homeroom/1st period class when the bell rings at 8:05 am.  Students arriving at school after 8:05 am are “tardy” and must sign-in at the Main Office with a written excuse form their parent/guardian. Students riding the bus will be contacted the week prior to school beginning with an approximate pick-up and drop-off time for the school year. Students are dismissed from the bus at 8:05 am to enter the building.
What time does School end?
The school day ends at 3:07 pm.  Students riding the bus will board at this time.  Students walking home will be dismissed out of the front of the building, parents/guardians who are walking with their student can wait by the front doors. Students being picked up by a parent/guardian, who are driving, will be picked up in the back parking lot.  You will sign your student out with a dismissal monitor at dismissal from the back parking lot.
If my student is absent, what is the procedure for reporting this absence to the school?
Students are required to bring in a written excuse note no later than two days after the absence.  Per the ‘attendance policy’, which can be found in the Hammond Central School Student Handbook.  If an attendance note is not submitted within 2-days of the absence it will be recorded as unexcused. This note should be submitted to the Main Office.
Who do I contact for student attendance issues?
Mrs. Tami Niles, Main Office Secretary, is responsible for all aspects of student attendance.  Mrs. Niles can be contacted at (315) 324-5931 ext. 26100.
If my student needs to sign out during the day, what do I do?
If you need to go to an appointment, etc., you must submit a note to the Main Office at the beginning of the day.  If your student returns to school after the appointment, they must report to the main office to sign-in.  Unanticipated sign-outs during the day must be conducted by the parent/guardian in person at the main office window.
Please refer to the ‘Code of Conduct’, which may be found in the Hammond Central School Student Handbook.
Can my student have a cell phone in school?
In grades 5-12 students may use their cell phones during lunch.  Students are not allowed to use their cell phones during class time.  The Hammond Central School District is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.
Where do I find the daily lunch menu?
The monthly lunch menu can be viewed or printed from the Hammond Central School website, https://www.hammondk12.org/ Student meals will be at NO COST this year. The food service department offers breakfast and lunch daily to all students. Second meals, snacks and extra drinks will need to be purchased. The cost for a second breakfast will be $1.00. The cost for a second UPK-6 lunch will be $2.35 and Grades 7-12 second lunch will be $2.45.
How do I pay for my students' food purchases?
You can send in a check or cash to be deposited onto your students account. In order to make online payments for your students' food purchases you can create an account at www.myschoolbucks.com or download the MYSCHOOLBUCKS app (Student ID is required to set up an account, please contact the main office if you need the ID number). With an online account you can deposit money, track balances and purchases, receive low balance alerts and set up automatic payments!
For access to important district information as well as emergency notifications such as School Delays and Cancellations you will need to register for ParentSquare at Hammond Central School. To activate your account and confirm that we have the correct email for you please register for an account.  This will ensure that you are receiving messages in the most convenient way for you; text message and/or email and will also allow for voice messaging.

You can also add the ParentSquare App to your phone for added convenience. 

Download the App:
If you are viewing this message on your phone, click on a link below to download the app. If you are viewing on your computer, use your phone camera to hover over the QR image to download the app.
iPhone     Apple Store
Android     Google Play Store
Please contact Mrs. Morley with any questions or concerns, [email protected]. Thank you!
  • To sign up for access to the Schooltool Parent Portal you must have an active email address; contact Guidance Counselor, Ms. Breault, [email protected] to set up an account
  • Go to the Hammond Central School District Website: https://www.hammondk12.org/
  • Under the ‘Parents’ tab, click on Schooltool Parent Portal
  • Select Hammond from the LIVE SITES dropdown menu, then click GO.
  • Login to Schooltool using your email address as your username & the password that was emailed to you
  • Once you have logged in, you may use the ‘accounts’ tab at any time to change your password
  • After you login, you will see your student’s names listed.  Click on ➮ to select the student.  You will see the following tabs: Contacts, Schedule, Attendance and Assignments.
  • Parents and Guardians if you would like to make any changes to your student’s address, phone number or contact information, please email [email protected].
  • The Schedule tab displays your student’s schedule.  You may use the Send Email 📧 button to email any of your students teachers.
  • The Attendance tab shows a summary of the student’s absences for the current school year.  Missed Course Attendance and All Course Attendance will be displayed only for students in Grades 7-12.
    • Daily Attendance displays all daily absences including early dismissals and late arrivals.
    • All Course Attendance displays all class absences including daily absences.
    • Missed Course Attendance displays all periods that the student was marked absent from class by a teacher.
  • The Grades tab displays grades in each class based on the selected view.
    • Marking Period Average will display the current gradebook average for each class.
    • Marking Period Grades will display the Report Card averages for each quarter after the grades have been published.
    • Progress Report Grades will display the 5-week Progress Report averages for each quarter after the grades have been published.  When grades are not available the grade column will display NONE.
  • The Assignments tab displays all assignments for the current year. This list may be sorted by clicking on any column header.
  • For technical assistance, please contact Ms. Breault via email; [email protected]
Devils Days - 11:30 Dismissal from School
Marking Period 1:     Friday, November 17, 2023
Marking Period 2:     Friday, January 26, 2023
Marking Period 3:     Friday, April 19, 2024
Marking Period 4:     Monday, June 24, 2024
Interim Progress Report Periods - 5 Week Reports
Marking Period 1:    Thursday, October 19, 2023    
Marking Period 2:     Wednesday, December 20, 2023
Marking Period 3:    Friday, March 15, 2024
Marking Period 4:    Friday, May 31, 2024
Report Card Marking Periods - 10 Week Reports
Marking Period 1:    Monday, November 20, 2023
Marking Period 2:    Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Marking Period 3:    Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Marking Period 4:    Wednesday, June 26, 2024
8:05            Students report to lockers/classes
8:08            Warning Bell
8:10-8:53        Period 1
8:56-9:36        Period 2
9:39-10:19    Period 3
10:22-11:02    Period 4
11:05-11:45    Period 5
11:48-12:28    Period 6A Class
11:45-12:15    Period 6A Lunch (Grades 5-8)
12:28-12:58    Period 6B Lunch (Grades 9-12)
12:18-12:58    Period 6B Class
1:01-1:41        Period 7
1:44-2:24     Period 8
2:27-3:07        Period 9
3:07         4th-12th Grade Dismiss
3:08            2nd-3rd Grades Dismiss
3:09            PK-1st Grades Dismiss



Douglas McQueer


Lauren Morley

UPK-12 Principal

Business Off.

Brianne Kirchoff

Lenny Bickelhaupt

Head Custodian/Director of Transportation

Tami Niles

Main Office Secretary/Account Clerk/Tax Collector

Student/Health Services & Guidance

Renee Breault

Director of Guidance

Jennifer Graveline

School Counselor

Natasha Baxter

CIO/Guidance/CSE Secretary/ BOE Clerk

Gloria Neuroth

School Nurse

Support Staff


Dave Flight, Technology

Anna Volpe-Berghaus, Speech

 Alexandria Central - CSE Depart. Partnership

Teaching Staff



Wendy Amyot

Secondary Science

Matt Benner

Secondary SS

Heather Scofield

Secondary Math

Sam Bush

Secondary SS

Alyssa Crosby


Katina Dillon

Secondary English

Emily Dorr

Secondary Science

Lindsay Ellis

Secondary Science



Deborah LeRoux


Nina Lonsbery

Secondary English

Carol Meyer

Secondary Math

Bridget Sherman


Kimberly Slate

Special  Education

Penny Slate


Lisa Rosenbarker

Special Education

Erik Whitcombe


Kim Bartlett

Grade 4

Molly Clemons


Emily Frickey

Math AIS

Lori Garno


Tammy Hodgdon

Grade 1

Mary Pease

Grade 3

Steve Honeywell

Grade 5

Janie Hollister

Grade 6

Brenda Simons


Penny Slate


Erica Webster

Grade 2


Teacher Asst./Aides

Cafeteria Staff

Bus Drivers

Custodial Staff

Michele Brown

Debra Chynoweth

Erin Cunningham

Marcy Diamond

Myra Fleming

Nancy Hadlock

Laura McRoberts

Micah Neuroth

Briana Perretta

Leslie Tate

Chelsie Washburn

Lori Howie

Michelle Young

Lenny Bickelhaupt

Bob Boland

Michele Brown

Micah Neuroth

Michael Martin

Tom Rathburn

Marc Schwartz

Lenny Bickelhaupt

Steve Bogart

Bob Boland

     Chelsie Washburn

Lori Howie

Michelle Young

Tom Rathburn

Marc Schwartz

Hammond Central School Board of Education
Mrs. Jennifer Gardner - President
Mrs. Viviana Wilmot - Vice President            
Mr. Don Ceresoli, Jr.    
Mr. Allen Howie
Mrs. Kathleen Rogers
Mr. Daniel Pease
Mrs. Sarah Perretta